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The general trend towards a stable (and substantial!) Rate increase is easily traced: he bought 10,000 bitcoins in just 25 dollars after their appearance on the currency exchange, today has a fortune of $142,000,000. This is an unprecedented huge profit for the history of the investment market in terms of long-term prospects! But the crypto-currency market allows us to operate with less time, earning on short-term investments. Crypto-currency can not be exchange in banking institutions as ordinary bills, or directly cash out bitcoin accounts in traditional currency. Businessmen who use crypto currency for settlements among themselves constantly have to exchange it for the traditional one and make reverse exchange.

With many crypto currencies traded on the exchange of a certain type, its rate is slightly lower, and vice versa - high demand. The specialists of BitchMade make high profits at these swings. Now we are facing a specific task: a decision has been made to expand the activities. And that means we can bring income to an even greater number of investors, whose list has been extremely limited by trust-invests.com until recently. That's it has changed, and you have the opportunity to be among our preferred partners right now! We guarantee a quick payback of your investments and a consistently high profit due to the mega-trend economic model-international market of crypto-currency.

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